Bad Jokes Tax (B.J.T.)

Hi, my name is Dolly.  I am the good looking mare in the photo on the website.  Since Davina hasn’t posted anything for ages and I have heaps of things to say, I am taking over the blogging. 

I am going to start with one of my favourite topics – that of the Bad Joke Tax, or BJT as I usually refer to it.  Davina keeps telling me the WORST jokes.  I meant they are totally NOT funny.  It doesn’t matter how many times I give her THE look.  You know what I mean. The “that is soo not funny” look.  She just keeps telling them to me.  Let me give you an example. The other day Davina opened the door of her tack room to find one of the stable cats sleeping on my hay.  Davina looked at the cat and said “oh, you are cat napping” and doubled up with laughter.  Pleeeeease!!!!  “Cat napping”.  The cat gave Davina a look of disgust – not that it stopped her.  Now the cat only heard the one pathetic joke.  I have to put up with that sort of behaviour all the time.  That is why I have instituted the Bad Jokes Tax.   When Davina tells me Bad Jokes, which is usually on a daily basis,  she is meant to pay me in carrots.  The amount of the carrots she is meant to pay depends on how bad the joke is.  If I am eating, it makes her jokes palatable.

(Davina if you are reading this, I would like to point out that your account is currently in arrears.  I have heard jokes and haven’t had any carrots recently.  Prompt payment of your account would be appreciated.)

So if your human tells you bad jokes, I would suggest a tax.  It could be carrots or apples, hay, back scratthes, etc.  Sometthing that works for you.  That way the jokes are bearable. 

If anyone knows any good jokes, can you please send them through so that I can start telling them to Davina and turn the tables.  Of course I would still expect the BJT to be paid regardless of who was telling the jokes and how bad or good they are. 


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