Davina communicates with Animals

I can sleep easier knowing that Davina has chosen to communicate with animals instead of going into the medical profession.  Tetanus and Strangles are nasty problems for a horse to have.  So I have yearly vaccines to provide me with protection.  This protection is usually in the form of an injection.  This year Davina decided to give me the injection herself.  The idea being that if I ever had to have antibiotics injected (perish the thought), then she would be able to do it for me.  Thus she gets the vaccine and yesterday was THE DAY!!!! 

Now I constantly “read” Davina to check out what is going on for her as a part of keeping me safe and evaluating our surroundings.  Davina is my herd leader, so if she is nervous, I start wondering what it is that we have to be nervous about and start getting nervous myself.  When Davina put the needle in my neck and was nervous, I started to get nervous and move a bit.  Now as I am a very well behaved horse (if I do say so myself), it was only a small step, just to let Davina know that I was picking up her fears.  Luckily Davina had our friend Lexie with her.  Lexie was holding my lead rope and Davina’s ‘hand’, metaphorically speaking, to help her though the injection process – which is not hard.   When Davina had trouble with the needle and getting the injection into me, Lexie was able to take over and finish the process.  Davina put down some hay for me to eat and I was ‘over’ the whole trauma of the incident.  Well ok, so it was not that traumatic.  If it is good for a biscuit of hay though, i will ‘milk’ the subject and call it traumatic.  So thank goodness Davina didn’t decide to go into medicine.  The whole is a safer place.  Also do you think you could practice before I am due for my next injections Davina.  Please!!!!  :)

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