Owning an Animal

I would like to talk today about the topic of animal ownership.  Now how many times do you hear a human say that they own an animal.  Pleeeease.  Get over yourself and look at the workload objectively.  Who goes to work to buy feed for the animal?  That would be you!  Who cleans up the yard, paddock, stable etc? That is you again!   Who pays the cost of agisting?  You!  Who rings the Vet if there are problems?  The answer yet again is, you, the human.  So do you still think that you own an animal?  There is no doubt in my mind that I own Davina.  <snicker>

P.S.  Davina is obviously reading my blog as she bought me carrots today.  What would it take for even more carrots to appear?  I do enjoy carrots.  <hint, hint Davina>

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