Herd Leadership

Davina is the leader of our herd – of two.  A situation with which I am comfortable and makes me confident.  

If we are out for a trail ride and I see a Wheelie Bin, as the leader, Davina expects me to listen to her - to act – rather than reacting blindly.  Instead of me having an “oh my gosh I am going to get eaten” moment and ending up kilometers down the road in a later of sweat, Davina expects me to look to her for leadership about how to respond.  Now I know for a fact that horses get eaten by Wheelie Bins.  My friend Dannie Buckskin has told me that it is so. 

I have to respect, like and trust Davina to be able to listen to her and accept her leadership.  I have to evaluate the decisions she makes.  Is she a good and strong leader?  Is she capable of keeping us safe?  If not, then I will have to step up and take over the job.  viagra I can do that, it makes me feel very uncomfortable.  It means that I have someone on my back, a very vulnerable place for me, in whom I have no confidence.   How would  you feel if you were in that situation?

My mother told me that a herd requires a strong leader.  As long as Davina is a strong leader then I am willing to follow her everywhere.  Especially if that anywhere will lead to a nice grazing patch.  <snicker>  That doesn’t meant that I won’t check from time to time – probably on a daily basis- if Davina is still a strong leader.  I can check by doing subtle things like pushing into her space and seeing if she notices, walking in front of her etc.

There are important questions that I have for my leader:-

-  will you keep me safe?

-  will you look after me?  

-  do you know good grazing patches?

-  will you keep watch whilst I graze? 

Oh yes, and have you bought any carrots recently.  Now I haven’t had to listen to any of Davina’s lame jokes recently,  however it is good to have carrots to make up for all the jokes to which I have had to listen in the past. 

I am lucky.  Davina does look after me.  She doesn’t put me in situations where she feels I might be in danger.  She ensures I get grazing time.  (Of course I could always do with more of that – hint, hint Davina)  She also feeds, washes and brushes me.  Whilst she is doing all and being a good and strong leader, I will follow Davina where ever she asks me to go.

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