The Difference between Worming Paste and Carrots

Davina went shopping for me today.  You know what she bought for me?  “Carrots”?, I hear you say.  I wish!  She bought me worming paste.  Now I would like to point out that there is considerable difference between worming paste and carrots.  They taste, look and feel different.  The only thing I can think of that they have in common (musing look and thinking music) is that they both go in my mouth.  Oh, have I mentioned that they taste differently?  Carrots are yummy and more please.  They juice up as I eat them and are very pleasing to my taste buds.  The worming paste is a bit bland, thick and not at all juicy.  So which would I rather have?  I guess I will have to choose carrots.  I can’t believe that Davina could get it soooo wrong.  I mean she is the animal communicator.  If she had asked me what I required from the shop (which she didn’t), I would have replied “carrots”.  I speak perfect Horse, with only a slight accent to show my country origins. There is no way she would have misunderstood me, if she had asked.  Maybe I need to start placing my own orders at the produce store.  It will save Davina getting it wrong again!!!

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