When is a horse not a horse?

When is a horse not a horse?

When is a horse not a horse?  When is a human not a human?  What if the two were not separate – only one?

 Today I was playing with my horse, Dolly.  Since in consciousness we are all one,  I wondered what it would be like to share Dolly’s space – energetically speaking.   Well, why not since we are all energy.  So I expanded my energy out to the Universe and then I brought my awareness into the space that Dolly’s body was occupying.  I became aware of my human body from the perspective of Dolly’s space, whilst at the same time being aware of it from the perspective of my own space.  There we were standing side by side, exchanging molecules, one and yet in two bodies.  

How does it get any better than that?  Well it does.  I was horseriding tonight.  I found that when I was willing to relax and connect to Dolly energetically, I was able to move with her much easier.  I knew when she was going to take a corner a bit sharply and was able to correct my position so that I stayed in balance.  Such fun.  

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