Talk to Your Pets Playshop

  • Do you ever feel that your pets are telling you something?  However you have no idea what it is?
  • Is Kitty causing catastrophe around your house?
  • Is Fido fighting with your mailman, your significant other, your favourite pair of shoes …..?
  • Is your Horse a bit headstrong? 

 Would you like to be able to communicate with your animals easily and effectively?

What would it be like to have a relationship of fun and joy with your pets that goes beyond anything you have ever imagined was possible?

 Your animals are always communicating with you.  Instead of using English, however they use non-verbal communication techiques.  In this fun 2 hour ‘Talk to the Animals’ Playshop, you learn how to communicate with your pets and change your relationship forever.

 WARNING!                                 WARNING!                           WARNING! 

 After attending this Playshop you may find yourself listening to your animals and having a better relationship with them.  Of course that would be bad for you …wouldn’t it? Or would it?

So call Davina O’Brien now on 0438 59 89 95 or email or email to book into one of these fun and joyful Playshops.   Your pets will thank  you.

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