Davina communicates with Animals

I can sleep easier knowing that Davina has chosen to communicate with animals instead of going into the medical profession.  Tetanus and Strangles are nasty problems for a horse to have.  So I have yearly vaccines to provide me with protection.  This protection is usually in the form of an injection.  This year Davina decided to give me the injection herself.  The idea being that if I ever had to have antibiotics injected (perish the thought), then she would be able to do it for me.  Thus she gets the vaccine and yesterday was THE DAY!!!! 

Now I constantly “read” Davina to check out what is going on for her as a part of keeping me safe and evaluating our surroundings.  Davina is my herd leader, so if she is nervous, I start wondering what it is that we have to be nervous about and start getting nervous myself.  When Davina put the needle in my neck and was nervous, I started to get nervous and move a bit.  Now as I am a very well behaved horse (if I do say so myself), it was only a small step, just to let Davina know that I was picking up her fears.  Luckily Davina had our friend Lexie with her.  Lexie was holding my lead rope and Davina’s ‘hand’, metaphorically speaking, to help her though the injection process – which is not hard.   When Davina had trouble with the needle and getting the injection into me, Lexie was able to take over and finish the process.  Davina put down some hay for me to eat and I was ‘over’ the whole trauma of the incident.  Well ok, so it was not that traumatic.  If it is good for a biscuit of hay though, i will ‘milk’ the subject and call it traumatic.  So thank goodness Davina didn’t decide to go into medicine.  The whole is a safer place.  Also do you think you could practice before I am due for my next injections Davina.  Please!!!!  :)

The Difference between Worming Paste and Carrots

Davina went shopping for me today.  You know what she bought for me?  “Carrots”?, I hear you say.  I wish!  She bought me worming paste.  Now I would like to point out that there is considerable difference between worming paste and carrots.  They taste, look and feel different.  The only thing I can think of that they have in common (musing look and thinking music) is that they both go in my mouth.  Oh, have I mentioned that they taste differently?  Carrots are yummy and more please.  They juice up as I eat them and are very pleasing to my taste buds.  The worming paste is a bit bland, thick and not at all juicy.  So which would I rather have?  I guess I will have to choose carrots.  I can’t believe that Davina could get it soooo wrong.  I mean she is the animal communicator.  If she had asked me what I required from the shop (which she didn’t), I would have replied “carrots”.  I speak perfect Horse, with only a slight accent to show my country origins. There is no way she would have misunderstood me, if she had asked.  Maybe I need to start placing my own orders at the produce store.  It will save Davina getting it wrong again!!!

Herd Leadership

Davina is the leader of our herd – of two.  A situation with which I am comfortable and makes me confident.  

If we are out for a trail ride and I see a Wheelie Bin, as the leader, Davina expects me to listen to her - to act – rather than reacting blindly.  Instead of me having an “oh my gosh I am going to get eaten” moment and ending up kilometers down the road in a later of sweat, Davina expects me to look to her for leadership about how to respond.  Now I know for a fact that horses get eaten by Wheelie Bins.  My friend Dannie Buckskin has told me that it is so. 

I have to respect, like and trust Davina to be able to listen to her and accept her leadership.  I have to evaluate the decisions she makes.  Is she a good and strong leader?  Is she capable of keeping us safe?  If not, then I will have to step up and take over the job.  viagra I can do that, it makes me feel very uncomfortable.  It means that I have someone on my back, a very vulnerable place for me, in whom I have no confidence.   How would  you feel if you were in that situation?

My mother told me that a herd requires a strong leader.  As long as Davina is a strong leader then I am willing to follow her everywhere.  Especially if that anywhere will lead to a nice grazing patch.  <snicker>  That doesn’t meant that I won’t check from time to time – probably on a daily basis- if Davina is still a strong leader.  I can check by doing subtle things like pushing into her space and seeing if she notices, walking in front of her etc.

There are important questions that I have for my leader:-

-  will you keep me safe?

-  will you look after me?  

-  do you know good grazing patches?

-  will you keep watch whilst I graze? 

Oh yes, and have you bought any carrots recently.  Now I haven’t had to listen to any of Davina’s lame jokes recently,  however it is good to have carrots to make up for all the jokes to which I have had to listen in the past. 

I am lucky.  Davina does look after me.  She doesn’t put me in situations where she feels I might be in danger.  She ensures I get grazing time.  (Of course I could always do with more of that – hint, hint Davina)  She also feeds, washes and brushes me.  Whilst she is doing all and being a good and strong leader, I will follow Davina where ever she asks me to go.

Owning an Animal

I would like to talk today about the topic of animal ownership.  Now how many times do you hear a human say that they own an animal.  Pleeeease.  Get over yourself and look at the workload objectively.  Who goes to work to buy feed for the animal?  That would be you!  Who cleans up the yard, paddock, stable etc? That is you again!   Who pays the cost of agisting?  You!  Who rings the Vet if there are problems?  The answer yet again is, you, the human.  So do you still think that you own an animal?  There is no doubt in my mind that I own Davina.  <snicker>

P.S.  Davina is obviously reading my blog as she bought me carrots today.  What would it take for even more carrots to appear?  I do enjoy carrots.  <hint, hint Davina>

Bad Jokes Tax (B.J.T.)

Hi, my name is Dolly.  I am the good looking mare in the photo on the website.  Since Davina hasn’t posted anything for ages and I have heaps of things to say, I am taking over the blogging. 

I am going to start with one of my favourite topics – that of the Bad Joke Tax, or BJT as I usually refer to it.  Davina keeps telling me the WORST jokes.  I meant they are totally NOT funny.  It doesn’t matter how many times I give her THE look.  You know what I mean. The “that is soo not funny” look.  She just keeps telling them to me.  Let me give you an example. The other day Davina opened the door of her tack room to find one of the stable cats sleeping on my hay.  Davina looked at the cat and said “oh, you are cat napping” and doubled up with laughter.  Pleeeeease!!!!  “Cat napping”.  The cat gave Davina a look of disgust – not that it stopped her.  Now the cat only heard the one pathetic joke.  I have to put up with that sort of behaviour all the time.  That is why I have instituted the Bad Jokes Tax.   When Davina tells me Bad Jokes, which is usually on a daily basis,  she is meant to pay me in carrots.  The amount of the carrots she is meant to pay depends on how bad the joke is.  If I am eating, it makes her jokes palatable.

(Davina if you are reading this, I would like to point out that your account is currently in arrears.  I have heard jokes and haven’t had any carrots recently.  Prompt payment of your account would be appreciated.)

So if your human tells you bad jokes, I would suggest a tax.  It could be carrots or apples, hay, back scratthes, etc.  Sometthing that works for you.  That way the jokes are bearable. 

If anyone knows any good jokes, can you please send them through so that I can start telling them to Davina and turn the tables.  Of course I would still expect the BJT to be paid regardless of who was telling the jokes and how bad or good they are. 


Gold, gold, gold

My friend Shauna Teaken (http://www.MyMeditationSource.com) holds an Abundance Meditation Night on Tuesday night.  Shauna is amazing at manifesting and generating magic in her life.  It is always a fun and powerful evening.  As you are with a group of like minded people, you have the power of intention – multiplied.  This evening Shauna led a beautiful and powerful mediation that involved sending enlivening, gold energy to the different parts of the body.  What was interesting for me was that about during the meditation I had the awareness that my horse, Dolly, would also like to have this energy run through her body.  Well sharing is caring isn’t it?  Since I care for Dolly, I was only too happy to share.  So I sent the gold energy through Dolly’s body as well as through my own.  In the end we both looked all sparkly – from an energetic perspective. 

What would it take for you to do something different for your pet this Christmas?  Instead of getting them a new toy, would you like to be able to share a gift of energising, enlivening energy with them?  Contact me on 0438 59 89 95 or emali me at davina@thepetenergytherapy.com to discuss how you can gift your pet with something for which they will be so grateful to you.  Oh, and the bad news – you will be gifting this same energy to yourself at the same time.  So, how could you pass up an offer like that?  How does it get any better than that?

When is a horse not a horse?

When is a horse not a horse?

When is a horse not a horse?  When is a human not a human?  What if the two were not separate – only one?

 Today I was playing with my horse, Dolly.  Since in consciousness we are all one,  I wondered what it would be like to share Dolly’s space – energetically speaking.   Well, why not since we are all energy.  So I expanded my energy out to the Universe and then I brought my awareness into the space that Dolly’s body was occupying.  I became aware of my human body from the perspective of Dolly’s space, whilst at the same time being aware of it from the perspective of my own space.  There we were standing side by side, exchanging molecules, one and yet in two bodies.  

How does it get any better than that?  Well it does.  I was horseriding tonight.  I found that when I was willing to relax and connect to Dolly energetically, I was able to move with her much easier.  I knew when she was going to take a corner a bit sharply and was able to correct my position so that I stayed in balance.  Such fun.  

Would you like to get a better connection/communication with your animals?   Contact me on 0438 59 89 95 or email me at davina@thepetenergytherapy.com to discuss organising an appointment for you and your pet.