Professionalism and magic

To Davina,

 I would like to thank you for your professionalism and magic you used on my Maltese X Pom, now 6 years old and named Gizmo, he is just a different animal.  He used to lick his paws for hours and have all other types of mannerisms that I didn’t like and he just seemed to be so distant… now he has stopped this and he is back to being a beautiful loving little Gizmo again.  You are amazing, I don’t know how you do it, and I would highly recommend your services and I truly thank you for making my little dog the beautiful animal he is today!

Yours sincerely, Michelle Troon

Serendipity Match Makers

Worked Wonders

Hi Davina, thanks so much for coming to my place the other day. You worked wonders!

LH – Sunshine Coast

Much happier

Your work is great and my cat seems to be MUCH happier!  We have bonded much more- esp just after his op- he is keeping to himself past few days, however I am MUCH more aware of my energy in terms of HOW I am thinking of the house and my partner …when I am calm, loving and at ease, he is too…I guess I knew that…just maybe needed reinforcement!  And the house issue was a GREAT insight that I hadn’t consciously realised! Thank you!

BT – Tewantin

Shift with pets

Davina this has made such a shift for me. My pets have always been extremely important to me and having your assistance has been amazing!

ST – Currumbin

Phenomenal Interpreter

Davina, thank you for being a phenomenal interpreter between me and Coco (my cocker spaniel). It was fascinating how the ‘conversation’ unraveled as you were willing to use your gifts in connecting with animals to bring forward amazing new perspectives on the relationship between pet and pet owner.  Coco is truly loving the recognition of the contribution she makes to my life and she’s loving her new roles – keeping her busy definitely seems to work! And I’m really enjoying being able to appreciate and see her for the amazing facilitator of joy, love and abundance that she truly is.  What else is possible?

Lisa Murray – Revive Business Coaching

Happier Household

After the pet energy session with Davina I have a much better relationship with all my fur children. I now understand what is troubling them and how I can help – and how they in turn help and enrich my life! It makes for a much happier household all round – how cool is that? Thanks Davina.

KR – Norman Park