Gold, gold, gold

My friend Shauna Teaken ( holds an Abundance Meditation Night on Tuesday night.  Shauna is amazing at manifesting and generating magic in her life.  It is always a fun and powerful evening.  As you are with a group of like minded people, you have the power of intention – multiplied.  This evening Shauna led a beautiful and powerful mediation that involved sending enlivening, gold energy to the different parts of the body.  What was interesting for me was that about during the meditation I had the awareness that my horse, Dolly, would also like to have this energy run through her body.  Well sharing is caring isn’t it?  Since I care for Dolly, I was only too happy to share.  So I sent the gold energy through Dolly’s body as well as through my own.  In the end we both looked all sparkly – from an energetic perspective. 

What would it take for you to do something different for your pet this Christmas?  Instead of getting them a new toy, would you like to be able to share a gift of energising, enlivening energy with them?  Contact me on 0438 59 89 95 or emali me at to discuss how you can gift your pet with something for which they will be so grateful to you.  Oh, and the bad news – you will be gifting this same energy to yourself at the same time.  So, how could you pass up an offer like that?  How does it get any better than that?

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